Classify each of the following costs as relevant or irrelevant to the decision at hand and briefly explain your reason.
a. The cost of operating automated production machinery versus the cost of direct labour when deciding whether to automate production
b. The cost of computers purchased six months ago when deciding whether to upgrade to computers with a faster processing speed
c. The cost of purchasing packaging materials from an outside vendor when deciding whether to continue manufacturing the packaging materials in-house
d. The property tax rates in different locales when deciding where to locate the company’s headquarters
e. The type of gas (regular or premium) used by delivery vans when deciding which make and model of van to purchase for the company’s delivery van fleet
f. The depreciation expense on old manufacturing equipment when deciding whether to replace it with newer equipment
g. The fair market value of old manufacturing equipment when deciding whether to replace
it with new equipment
h. The interest rate paid on invested funds when deciding how much inventory to keep on hand
i. The cost of land purchased three years ago when deciding whether to build on the land now or wait two more years
j. The total amount of the restaurant’s fixed costs when deciding whether to add additional items to the menu

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