Classify each of the following items as belonging in the revenue, expenditure, human resources/payroll, production, or financing cycle.
a. Purchase raw materials
b. Pay off mortgage on factory
c. Hire a new assistant controller
d. Establish a $10,000 credit limit for a new customer
e. Pay for raw materials
f. Disburse payroll checks to factory workers
g. Record goods received from vendor
h. Update the allowance for uncollectible accounts
i. Decide how many units to make next month
j. Complete picking ticket for customer order
k. Record factory employee timecards
l. Sell concert tickets
m. Draw on line-of-credit
n. Send new employees to a business ethics course
o. Pay utility bills
p. Pay property taxes on office building
q. Pay federal payroll taxes
r. Sell DVD player
s. Collect payment on customer accounts
t. Obtain a bank loan
u. Pay sales commissions
v. Send an order to a vendor
w. Put purchased goods into the warehouse

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