Question: Classify the following as direct materials direct labor factory overhead

Classify the following as direct materials, direct labor, factory overhead, or selling and administrative expense.
a. Steel used in an overhead door plant.
b. Cloth used in a shirt factory.
c. Fiberglass used by a sailboat builder.
d. Cleaning solvent for the factory floor.
e. Wages of a binder employed in a printing plant.
f. Insurance on factory machines.
g. Rent paid for factory buildings.
h. Wages of the Machining Department supervisor.
i. Leather used in a shoe factory.
j. Wages of a factory janitor.
k. Electric power consumed in operating factory machines.
l. Depreciation on corporate offices.
m. Fuel used in heating a factory.
n. Paint used in the manufacture of jet skis.
o. Wages of an ironworker in the construction business.
p. Electricity used in lighting sales offices.

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