Question: Classify the following costs of activity inputs as variable fixed

Classify the following costs of activity inputs as variable, fixed, or mixed. Identify the activity and the associated activity driver that allow you to define the cost behavior. For example, assume that the resource input is “cloth in a shirt.” The activity would be “sewing shirts,” the cost behavior “variable,” and the activity driver “units produced.” Prepare your answers in the following format:
a. Flu vaccine
b. Salaries, equipment, and materials used for moving materials in a factory
c. Forms used to file insurance claims
d. Salaries, forms, and postage associated with purchasing
e. Printing and postage for advertising circulars
f. Equipment, labor, and parts used to repair and maintain production equipment
g. Power to operate sewing machines in a clothing factory
h. Wooden cabinets enclosing audio speakers
i. Advertising
j. Sales commissions
k. Fuel for a delivery van
l. Depreciation on a warehouse
m. Depreciation on a forklift used to move partially completed goods
n. X-ray film used in the radiology department of a hospital
o. Rental car provided for a client

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