Clifford Adelman a researcher with the Department of Education followed
Clifford Adelman, a researcher with the Department of Education, followed a cohort of students who graduated from high school in 1992. He monitored the progress the students made toward completing a bachelor’s degree. One aspect of his research was to determine whether students who first attended community college took longer to attain a bachelor’s degree than those who immediately attended and remained at a 4-year institution. The data in the table summarize the results of his study.
(a) Does the evidence suggest that community college transfer students take longer to attain a bachelor’s degree? Use an α = 0.01 level of significance.
(b) Construct a 95% confidence interval for mcommunity college -mno transfer to approximate the mean additional time it takes to complete a bachelor’s degree if you begin in community college.
(c) Do the results of parts (a) and (b) imply that community college causes you to take extra time to earn a bachelor’s degree? Cite some reasons that you think might contribute
to the extra time to graduate.
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