Cohen Boyd Inc publishers of movie and song trivia
Cohen & Boyd Inc., publishers of movie and song trivia books, made the following errors in adjusting the accounts at year- end (December 31):
a. Did not accrue $ 1,400 owed to the company by another company renting part of the building as a storage facility.
b. Did not record $ 15,000 depreciation on equipment costing $ 115,000.
c. Failed to adjust the deferred fee revenue account to reflect that $ 1,500 was earned by the end of the year.
d. Recorded a full year of accrued interest expense on a $ 17,000, 9 percent note payable that has been outstanding only since November + of the current year. e. Failed to adjust prepaid insurance to reflect that $ 650 of insurance coverage has been used.
1. For each error, prepare (a) the adjusting journal entry that was made, if any; (b) the entry that should have been made at year- end; and (c) the entry to correct the error.
2. Using the following headings, indicate the effect of each error and the amount of the effect (i.e., the difference between the entry that was or was not made and the entry that should have been made). Use O if the effect overstates the item, U if the effect understates the item, and NE if there is no effect.
3. Explain the concept of materiality and how it might affect the adjusting entries you prepared in (1).
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