Question: College students Jeannette Mujica Ricardo Ceja Zarate and Jessica Cerda

College students Jeannette Mujica, Ricardo Ceja Zarate, and Jessica Cerda conducted a survey in Oxnard, California, of the number of cars going through a yellow light at intersections with and without traffic cameras that are used to automatically fine drivers who run red lights. The cameras were very noticeable to drivers. The amount of traffic was constant throughout the study period (the afternoon commute.) The data record the number of cars that crossed the intersection during a yellow light for each light cycle. A small excerpt of the data is shown in the table; see this text's website for all the data. What differences, if any, do you see between intersections with cameras and those without? Use an appropriate graphical summary, and write a comparison of the distributions.
# Cars Cam
1 ........ Cam
2 ........ Cam
1 ........ No Cam
3 ........ No Cam

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