Commentator Robert Scheer asked What does it mean that
Commentator Robert Scheer asked, “ What does it mean that a whopping 70 percent of Americans, according to a recent New York Times–CBS News poll, believe that mass culture is responsible for debasing our moral values?”
a. Answer Scheer’s question.
b. Scheer went on to say;
Worse, these national moralists—dominated these days by evangelical Christians—politicize the issue by blaming “liberal Hollywood” for what deregulation and the free market have wrought. Never mind that Arnold Schwarzenegger made all those violent movies, it is the Democrats and their ilk who are corrupting youth by promulgating our “relativistic” morality. But that’s just bunk.
Do you agree with Scheer’s “that’s just bunk” position? If not, why? If so, who is to blame for our arguable moral decay?
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