Companies often make use of computerized spreadsheets to help determine the impact of various adjusting entries before they are formally recorded. By using a spreadsheet, managers can perform calculations to quickly determine the effect of various adjusting entries on account balances.
Use a spreadsheet package.
A. Set up a spreadsheet with debit and credit columns and enter the debit and credit data. Then set up debit and credit columns for the adjustments and the adjusted trial balance. Your spreadsheet should now have seven columns.
B. In the adjustments columns, make the following adjustments and then write a formula in the adjusted trial balance columns so that the correct after- adjustment amount is determined.
1. Supplies used during the period were $ 150.
2. Depreciation on the equipment was $ 250.
3. Unearned revenue earned during the period was $ 300.
4. Revenue earned but not recorded for the period was $ 400.

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