Company XYZ faces severe economic challenges Description of Comp
Company XYZ faces severe economic challenges Description of Company:
• Located in Wausau, WI
• Has employed 300 people for nearly 75 years
• Manufactures glass and plastic milk containers
• Impacted since 2008 by economic downturn
• Manufacturing costs spiraling up
• Owners must decide between the following options:
1. Take huge bank loan to retool company into a robotics operation resulting in 225 permanent layoffs
2. Relocate to Argentina resulting in closing down Wausau plant
3. Declare bankruptcy/close Company.
In what sense is this a business problem? A community problem? An individual problem?
You are responsible for developing a plan of action for the Board of Directors.
Develop and use the following strategies as part of your research and decision-making plan:
1. Identify issues
2. Rank affinities
3. Pre-test affinities using a focus group
4. Analyze data
5. Create a synopsis of a presentation for the Board of Directors

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