Question: Compare PengAtlas Maps 3 1 and 3 5 a To what extent

Compare PengAtlas Maps 3.1 and 3.5.
a. To what extent are the richest countries also among the easiest in which to do business? Are any of the richest countries among the most difficult in which to do business? Indicate whether you think the relationship is coincidental or causal and why you think that way.
b. If you were thinking of expanding your firm's operations, you would probably wish to go where it is easier to do business and where income is higher. Furthermore, at least some of the poorest countries would like to have your firm expand into them to help lift income. If such is the case, why don't they simply make it easier to do business? What do you think?
c. Although at present the United States is regarded as one of the easier countries for doing business, do you think that the long-term trend is for it to become even easier or to become more difficult? Why?

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