Complete the following MRP records for the Vaxidene drug. Note the following:
• Doses have been converted into milligrams to facilitate material planning (4,250 doses = 17,000 milligrams).
• Make sure that you calculate the correct requirements for each compound and drug. For instance, each 4-milligram dose requires 2 milligrams of compound X (2 to 1). Therefore, to start mixing
17,000 milligrams of Vaxidene, Baxter Pharmaceuticals will need 8,500 milligrams of compound X.
After graduating from college, you take a job with Baxter Pharmaceuticals. You are made the product manager for Vaxidene, a new vaccine used to fight bacterial meningitis. The bill of material (BOM) for a single 4-milligram dose of Vaxidene follows:

Each dose is actually a mixture of three proprietary compounds, called compounds X, Y, and Z.
It takes one week to mix them together to make doses of Vaxidene. You also have the following information:
• Compound X is made up of two chemicals (A and B) and takes one week to synthesize (i.e., lead time = 1 week).
• Compound Y is made up of two chemicals (A and C) and takes one week to synthesize.
• Compound Z is made up of two chemicals (C and D) and takes one week to synthesize.
• The lead times for chemicals A through D are all one week.

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