Complete the following statements with one of the terms listed
Complete the following statements with one of the terms listed here. You may use a term more than once. Some terms may not be used at all.

a. A( n) _____ is a budget prepared for a different volume level than that which was ­originally anticipated.
b. The difference between the flexible budget and actual results is called the _____.
c. _____ measures the profitability of a division relative to the size of its assets.
d. If budgeted salary expense is higher than the actual salary expense, then a(n) _____ will result.
e. A( n) _____ manager is responsible for generating revenue.
f. The _____ arises only because the actual volume sold differs from the volume ­originally anticipated in the master budget.
g. _____ shows how much sales revenue is generated with every $ 1.00 of assets.
h. If budgeted sales revenue is greater than the actual sales revenue, then a( n) _____ will result.
i. _____ is a management technique in which managers only investigate budget vari-ances that are relatively large.
j. The legal department of a manufacturer is considered to be a( n) _____.
k. The headquarters for an international consulting firm is considered to be a( n) _____.
l. Fixed expenses that can be traced to the segment are called _____.
m. _____ shows how much income is generated for every $ 1.00 of sales.
n. _____ are included on balanced scorecards and help managers assess how well the company’s objectives are being met.
o. The difference between actual results and the master budget is called the _____.
p. When the goals of the segment managers in a company are the same, then _____ is achieved.
q. The local branch office of a national bank is considered to be a( n) _____.
r. Fixed expenses that cannot be traced to the segment are called_____.
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