Complete the following statements with one of the terms listed
Complete the following statements with one of the terms listed here. You may use a term more than once, and some terms may not be used at all.
a. ________________ is a language that utilizes a standardized coding system companies use to tag each piece of financial and business information in a format that can be quickly and efficiently accessed over the internet.
b. ________________ involves the exchange of information with suppliers to reduce costs, improve quality, and speed delivery of goods and services from suppliers to the company and its customers.
c. Toyota first pioneered an inventory philosophy in which a product is manufactured
____________ to fill customer orders; companies are able to substantially reduce the quantity of raw materials and finished goods inventories.
d. The ________________ was enacted to restore trust in publicly traded corporations, their management, their financial statements, and their auditors.
e. _________________ is a management philosophy of delighting customers with superior products and services by continually setting higher goals and improving the performance of every business function.
f. The goal of _______ is to meet customers' expectations by providing them with superior products and services by eliminating defects and waste throughout the value chain.
g. Most of the costs of adopting ERP, expanding into a foreign market, or improving quality are incurred in the _______; but most of the benefits occur in the _______.
h. _______ is the time between buying raw materials and selling the finished products.
i. _______ serves the information needs of people in accounting as well as people in mar keting and in the warehouse.
j. Firms adopt _______ to conduct business on the internet.
k. Firms acquire the _______ certification to demonstrate their commitment to quality.
l. _____________ is a philosophy that embraces the concept that the lower the company's waste, the lower the company's costs.
m. ____________ is a data-tagging system that enables companies to release financial and business information in a format that can be quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively accessed, sorted, and analyzed over the internet.
n. Canadian companies are expected to adopt _______________ for all publicly traded companies by 2011, which differs from the ASPE that companies are currently required to use.
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