Complete the following statements with one of the terms listed here. You may use a term more than once, and some terms may not be used at all.
a. _______ produce their own inventory.
b. _______ typically have a single category of inventory.
c. _______ do not have tangible products intended for sale.
d. _______ resell products they previously purchased ready-made from suppliers.
e. _______ use their workforce and equipment to transform raw materials into new finished
f. _______ sell to consumers.
g. Swaim, a company based in Saskatchewan, makes furniture. Partially completed sofas
are _______. Completed sofas that remain unsold in the warehouse are _____________.
Fabric and wood are _______.
h. For McCain’s, potatoes, cardboard boxes, and waxed paper liners are classified as
i. _______ buy in bulk from manufacturers and sell to retailers.

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