Question: Completely Nuts a macadamia nut cannery is analyzing its throughput

Completely Nuts, a macadamia nut cannery, is analyzing its throughput for September. The following statistics are obtained for the month:
Cans packed and sold ......... 700,000
Total cans packed .......... 742,040
Value-added processing time ....... 650 hours
Total processing time .......... 2,750 hours
a. Calculate the manufacturing cycle efficiency. (Round to one decimal point.)
b. Calculate the process productivity. (Round to one decimal point.)
c. Calculate the process quality yield. (Round to one decimal point.)
d. Calculate the throughput using only good units and total time. (Round to one decimal point.)
e. Verify your answer to (d) by using your answers to (a), (b), and (c).

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