Connie Steinle accompanied by her seven year old daughter left the family
Connie Steinle, accompanied by her seven-year-old daughter, left the family ranch for Douglas, Wyoming. The purpose of the trip was to purchase a calf for her daughter to raise on the ranch. While en route, the truck Connie was driving collided with a vehicle driven by Ronald Popejoy. Connie died as a result of the accident, and Ronald sustained injuries. One week after the accident, William Steinle (Connie's husband) completed the calf purchase for his daughter. She raised the calf on the family farm and later sold the calf for profit. Ronald Popejoy then began experiencing severe pain in his neck and back and underwent two separate neurosurgeries to fuse his cervical vertebrae. Ronald then filed a creditor's claim against William's estate, as he had died shortly after Connie's death. After his creditor's claim was rejected, he filed a complaint against the personal representatives of William's estate. The complaint was premised on the theory that William and Connie Steinle were engaged in a joint venture when Connie embarked on her "business trip" to pick up her daughter's calf. Do you think they were engaged in a joint venture? Why or why not?
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