Consider an 8-city traveling salesman problem (cities 1, 2, . . . , 8) where city 1 is the home city and links exist between all pairs of cities. For each of the following pairs of parents, generate their two children when applying the basic genetic algorithm presented in Sec. 14.4. (Follow the instructions given at the beginning of the Problems section to obtain the needed random numbers, and then show your use of these random numbers.)
(a) The parents are 1-2-3-4-7-6-5-8-1 and 1-5-3-6-7-8-2-4-1.
(b) The parents are 1-6-4-7-3-8-2-5-1 and 1-2-5-3-6-8-4-7-1.
(c) The parents are 1-5-7-4-6-2-3-8-1 and 1-3-7-2-5-6-8-4-1.

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