Consider CREF the College Retirement Equities Fund which manages retirement
Consider CREF, the College Retirement Equities Fund, which manages retirement accounts for employees of nonprofit educational and research organizations. CREF manages a large and diversified portfolio in its stock account, somewhere around $121 billion. Investment in aerospace and defense represents 0.91% of this portfolio. Data on the market value of these investments are shown in Table 3.9.4.
a. Construct a histogram of this data set.
b. Based on this histogram, describe the distribution of CREF’s investment in aerospace and defense.
c. Describe the shape of the distribution. In particular, is it skewed or symmetric?
d. Find the logarithm of each data value.
e. Construct a histogram of these logarithms.
f. Describe the distribution shape of the logarithms. In particular, is it skewed or symmetric?
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