Question: Consider each situation Identify the population and the sample explain

Consider each situation. Identify the population and the sample, explain what p or μ represents, and tell whether the methods of this chapter can be used to create a confidence interval. If so, indicate what the interval would say about the parameter.
(a) A consumer group surveys 195 people who recently bought new kitchen appliances. Fifteen percent of them expressed dissatisfaction with the salesperson.
(b) A catalog mail order firm finds that the number of days between orders for a sample of 250 customers averages 105 days with s = 55.
(c) A questionnaire given to customers at a warehouse store finds that only 2 of the 50 who return the questionnaire live more than 25 miles away.
(d) A factory is considering requiring employees to wear uniforms. In a survey of all 1,245 employees, 380 forms are returned, with 228 employees in favor of the change.

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