Question: Consider each situation separately Identify the missing internal control procedure

Consider each situation separately. Identify the missing internal control procedure from these characteristics:
• Assignment of responsibilities
• Separation of duties
• Audits
• Electronic devices
• Other controls (specify)
a. While reviewing the records of Quality Pharmacy, you find that the same ­employee orders merchandise and approves invoices for payment.
b. Business is slow at Amazing Amusement Park on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights. To reduce expenses, the business decides not to use a ticket taker on those nights. The ticket seller (cashier) is told to keep the tickets as a record of the number sold.
c. The same trusted employee has served as cashier for 12 years.
d. When business is brisk, Fast Mart deposits cash in the bank several times during the day. The manager at one store wants to reduce the time employees spend delivering cash to the bank, so he starts a new policy. Cash will build up over weekends, and the total will be deposited on Monday.
e. Grocery stores such as Convenience Market and Natural Foods purchase most merchandise from a few suppliers. At another grocery store, the manager decides to reduce paperwork. He eliminates the requirement that the receiving department prepare a receiving report listing the goods actually received from the supplier.

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