Question: Consider Example 11 2 and let B M and T represent

Consider Example 11.2, and let μB, μM, and μT represent the mean monthly sales when using the bottom, middle, and top shelf display heights, respectively. Figure 11.3 gives the MINITAB output of a one-way ANOVA of the bakery sales study data in Table 11.2 (page 409). Using the computer output in Figure 11.3:
a. Test the null hypothesis that μB, μM, and μT are equal by setting α = .05. On the basis of this test, can we conclude that the bottom, middle, and top shelf display heights have different effects on mean monthly sales?
b. Consider the pairwise differences μM – μB, μT – μB, and μT – μM. Find a point estimate of and a Tukey simultaneous 95 percent confidence interval for each pairwise difference. Interpret the meaning of each interval in practical terms. Which display height maximizes mean sales?
c. Find 95 percent confidence intervals for μB, μM, and μT. Interpret each interval.

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