Consider the database schema Emp ename set of Children set
Consider the database schema Emp = (ename, set of(Children), setof(Skills)) Children = (name, Birthday) Birthday = (day, month, year) Skills = (type, set of(Exams)) Exams = (year, city) Assume that attributes of type set of(Children), set of(Skills), and setof(Exams), have attribute names ChildrenSet, SkillsSet, and ExamsSet, respectively. Suppose the database contains a relation emp (Emp).Write the following queries in SQL: 1999 (with the extensions described in this chapter).
a. Find the names of all employees who have a child who has a birthday in March.
b. Find those employees who took an examination for the skill type “typing” in the city “Dayton”.
c. List all skill types in the relation emp.
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