Question: Consider the floor to door scenario on page 412 where a random

Consider the “floor-to-door” scenario on page 412, where a random sample of 81 female American college students were each issued a stopwatch and asked to time themselves as they prepared to attend class on the following Thursday morning. The instructions were to start the watch as soon as their feet touched the floor as they got up and to turn it off as they passed through the door of their residence on the way to class. Use the sample data listed and the results found in Exercises 9.1 and 9.2 (p. 426).
a. What evidence do you have that the assumption of normality is reasonable? Explain.
b. Estimate the mean “floor-to-door” time for all female American college students using a point estimate and a 95% confidence interval.
c. It is assumed that the estimated time of 51 minutes for a typical morning routine, as outlined in the “floor-to-door” scenario on page 412, is a reasonable mean for all American college students. Based on the data from this study, determine if female students are significantly different from the possibly typical student. Use a 0.05 level of significance.
d. Could the statistical decision reached in part c have resulted from your answer in part b? How?
e. Which sample statistic is having an unusually large effect on these results? Explain.

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