Consider the following actions associated with a cost management information system:
a. Eliminating a non-value-added activity
b. Determining how much it costs to perform a heart transplant
c. Calculating the cost of inspecting components from an outside supplier
d. Developing and using a budgeted income statement for a division
e. Eliminating the need to inspect by improving the quality of products and processes
f. Determining whether selling a product at split-off is more profitable than processing it further before selling it
g. Calculating the cost of producing an e-book
h. Using a trend report on quality costs to assess the effectiveness of a quality improvement program
i. Determining the units that must be sold to break even
j. Calculating the cost to perform a tooth extraction
k. Determining the total cost of moving goods
l. Using JIT purchasing and manufacturing to significantly reduce inventories
m. Using unit product cost to help develop a bid price
Classify the above actions as being associated with one of the following objectives of a cost management information system:
1. Costing of products, services, and other objects of interest
2. Planning and control
3. Decision making

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