Consider the following arrangement called Helmholtz coils of two identical
Consider the following arrangement (called Helmholtz coils) of two identical current-carrying coils. They are “stacked” vertically with their centers on a common vertical axis and their areas arranged horizontally, as shown in Fig. 19.43. Assume each has 100 loops of wire, carries 7.5 A of current (same direction), and has a radius of 10 cm. Their centers are separated by 10 cm. Determine the magnetic field strength at
(a) The center of the each coil,
(b) Midway between the two coils, and
(c) 10 cm above or below the centers of the coils.
This arrangement is experimentally useful for producing its largest magnetic field near the midway point between the two coils. Plot the field strength as a function of location using your results. Does your graph indicate that the maximum strength occurs near the midpoint? (It can also be shown that the field there is approximately uniform.)
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