Question: Consider the following information 1 On December 1 2005 a

Consider the following information:
1. On December 1, 2005, a U.S. firm plans to sell a piece of equipment [with an asking price of 200,000 units of a foreign currency (FC)] during January of 2006. The transaction is probable, and the transaction is to be denominated in euros.
2. The company enters into a forward contract on December 1, 2005 to sell 200,000 FC on February 1, 2006, for $1.02.
3. Spot rates and the forward rates for January 31, 2006, settlement were as follows (dollars per euro):

4. On January 31, the equipment was sold for 200,000 FC. The cost of the equipment was $170,000.

A. Prepare all journal entries needed on December 1, December 31, January 31, and February 1 to account for the forecasted transaction, the forward contract, and the transaction to sell the equipment.
B. Prepare any entry needed on February 1 to reclassify amounts from other accumulated comprehensive income intoearnings.

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