Consider the following January transactions 1 On January 1 20X1
Consider the following January transactions:
1. On January 1, 20X1, three persons, James, Bosh, and Wade, formed JBW Corporation. JBW is a wholesale distributor of electronic equipment. The company issued 10,000 shares of common stock ($1 par value) to each of the three investors for $10 cash per share. Use two stockholders’ equity accounts: Capital Stock (at par) and Additional Paid-in Capital.
2. JBW acquired merchandise inventory of $75,000 for cash.
3. JBW acquired merchandise inventory of $85,000 on open account.
4. JBW returned for full credit unsatisfactory merchandise that cost $11,000 in transaction 3.
5. JBW acquired equipment of $40,000 for a cash down payment of $10,000, plus a 3-month promissory note of $30,000.
6. As a favor, JBW sells equipment of $4,000 to a business neighbor for cash. The equipment had cost $4,000.
7. JBW pays $16,000 on the account described in transaction 3.
8. JBW buys merchandise inventory of $100,000. The company pays one-half of the amount in cash, and owes one-half on open account.
9. Wade sells one-half of his common stock to Nowitzki for $13 per share.

1. By using a format similar to Exhibit 1-2, prepare an analysis showing the effects of the January transactions on the financial position of JBW Corporation.

2. Prepare a balance sheet as of January 31,20X1.
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