Question: Consider the following reactions For parts b d reference Exercise 58 a

Consider the following reactions. For parts b-d, reference Exercise 58.
a. When C5H12 is reacted with Cl2(g) in the presence of ultraviolet light, four different monochlorination products form. What is the structure of C5H12 in this reaction?
b. When C4H8 is reacted with H2O, a tertiary alcohol is produced as the major product. What is the structure of C4H8 in this reaction?
c. When C7H12 is reacted with HC1, 1-chloro-l-methylcyclohexane is produced as the major product. What are the two possible structures for C7H12 in this reaction?
d. W hen a hydrocarbon is reacted with H2O and the major product of this reaction is then oxidized, acetone (2-propanone) is produced. What is the structure of the hydrocarbon in this reaction?
e. When C5H12O is oxidized, a carboxylic acid is produced. What are the possible structures for C5H12O in this reaction?

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