Question: Consider the following short case as you respond to the

Consider the following short case as you respond to the requirements for this problem:
The Institute for Computer Enthusiasts (ICE) sponsors four computer seminars each year: Access, Excel, PowerPoint, and QuickBooks. Participants can sign up for any or all of the seminars; pricing varies with the number of seminars and with the participant’s membership and professional status as shown in the chart below:3
ICE has a four-member executive board: president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. The vice president processes all registrations for each seminar; the treasurer collects payment at the beginning of each seminar.
a. Use COSO’s enterprise risk management framework to develop an ERM plan for ICE’s computer seminars.
b. How could ICE use the principles of business process management to improve its sales/ collection process with respect to the seminars?
c. ICE’s board of directors is interested in expanding their seminar offerings to other IT-related topics. Consider the other topics we’ve discussed in previous chapters. Work with a group of students to develop materials for a seminar based on one of them.

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