Question: Consider the following short case in responding to these questions Tim

Consider the following short case in responding to these questions:
Tim was upset with his accounting instructor because of the grade he earned in her class. As an act of revenge, Tim used a computer program he downloaded from the Internet to discover the instructor’s password for the university’s information system.
He used the password to infiltrate the system and introduced a program that would shut it down; he contacted his accounting instructor and threatened to activate the pro-gram if she did not change his grade.
1. Which elements of Carter’s taxonomy apply?
a. Target and instrumentality
b. Target and incidental
c. Instrumentality and incidental
d. Target, instrumentality, and incidental
2. The chapter discussed seven common types of computer criminals. Which types best describe Tim?
a. Insider, script kiddie
b. Script kiddie, hacker
c. Insider, hacker
d. Insider, hacker, script kiddie
3. Which of the following are administrative controls the university should implement to prevent such situations in the future?
a. Backup files, strong passwords
b. Backup files, mandatory password rotation
c. Strong passwords, mandatory password rotation
d. Backup files, strong passwords, mandatory password rotation
4. Because Tim is threatening his instructor, his actions are best described as:
a. Extortion.
b. Malicious software.
c. Information theft.
d. Service interruption.
5. If Tim activates the program, all of the following CoBIT information criteria will be compromised except:
a. Compliance.
b. Effectiveness.
c. Availability.
d. Reliability of information.

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