Question: Consider the following situations for Kirkland Welding Services a Depreciation for

Consider the following situations for Kirkland Welding Services:
a. Depreciation for the current year includes equipment, $2,700.
b. Each Monday, Kirkland pays employees for the previous week’s work. The amount of weekly payroll is $3,500 for a seven-day workweek (Monday to Sunday). This year, December 31 falls on Thursday.
c. The beginning balance of Office Supplies was $2,600. During the year, Kirkland purchased office supplies for $2,500, and at December 31 the office supplies on hand totaled $1,800.
d. Kirkland prepaid a two full years’ insurance on October 1 of the current year, $6,480. Record insurance expense for the year ended December 31.
e. Kirkland had earned $3,400 of unearned revenue.
f. Kirkland had incurred (but not recorded) $150 of interest expense on a note payable. The interest will not be paid until February 28.
g. Kirkland billed customers $9,000 for welding services performed.
Journalize the adjusting entry needed on December 31 for each situation. Use the letters to label the journal entries.

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