Consider the following two step process Step A has a processing
Consider the following two step process:
Step A has a processing time of 1 minute per unit, but no setup is required. Step B has an processing time of 0.1 minute per unit, but a setup time of 9 minutes is require per batch. A buffer with ample inventory is allowed between the two steps.
a. Suppose units are produced in batches of 5 (i.e., after each set of 5 units are produced, step B must incur a setup of 9 minutes). What is the capacity of the process (in units per minute)?
b. What is the batch size that maximizes the flow rate of this process with minimal inventory? Assume there is ample demand.
c. Now suppose the inventory buffer is removed between steps A and B:
Thus, when B is being set up, A cannot work because there is no place to put its completed units. Once B has finished its setup and is ready to work on units, A can resume its work because B is now ready to accept A's output. What batch size achieves a flow rate of 0.82 unit per minute?
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