Question: Consider the M M s model with a mean arrival rate of

Consider the M/M/s model with a mean arrival rate of 10 customers per hour and an expected service time of 5 minutes. Use the Excel template for this model to obtain and print out the various measures of performance (with t = 10 and t = 0, respectively, for the two waiting time probabilities) when the number of servers is 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Then, for each of the following possible criteria for a satisfactory level of service (where the unit of time is 1 minute), use the printed results to determine how many servers are needed to satisfy this criterion.
(a) Lq ≤ 0.25
(b) L ≤ 0.9
(c) Wq ≤ 0.1
(d) W ≤ 6
(e) P {Wq > 0} ≤ 0.01
(f) P {W > 10} ≤ 0.2

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