Question: Consider the surface height data for Raul s unpolished and polished

Consider the “surface height” data for Raul’s unpolished and polished reflective surfaces of a silicone microchip given in Applied Example
10. 11 on page 504 and initially investigated in Exercise 10. 77.
a. Do the two sets of data, unpolished and polished, represent independent or dependent samples? Explain your answer.
b. Produce at least three graphical statistics demonstrating that the new polishing process does in fact produce a smoother reflecting surfac
e. Explain how each graph demonstrates that the goal has been attained.
c. Is there statistical evidence that the process has produced a surface that is significantly smoother? State the p-value.
d. Complete the hypothesis test at the 0.01 level of significance; be sure to state your decision and conclusion.

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