Question: Conspicuous Consumption Inc a prominent consumer products firm is debating

Conspicuous Consumption, Inc., a prominent consumer products firm, is debating whether or not to convert its all-equity capital structure to one that is 35 percent debt. Currently, there are 8,000 shares outstanding and the price per share is $70. EBIT is expected to remain at $30,000 per year forever. The interest rate on new debt is 8 percent, and there are no taxes.
a. Ms. Brown, a shareholder of the firm, owns 100 shares of stock. What is her cash flow under the current capital structure, assuming the firm has a dividend payout rate of 100 percent?
b. What will Ms. Brown’s cash flow be under the proposed capital structure of the firm? Assume that she keeps all 100 of her shares.
c. Suppose the company does convert, but Ms. Brown prefers the current all-equity capital structure. Show how she could unlever her shares of stock to recreate the original capital structure.
d. Using your answer to part (c), explain why the company’s choice of capital structure is irrelevant.

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