Corporate governance is not just an issue for U S companies
Corporate governance is not just an issue for U.S. companies; companies throughout the world need to focus on corporate governance issues. However, the principles and challenges of corporate governance vary across countries. Select a country and research the corporate governance issues in that country. A good starting point is the Web site of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) ( or the World Bank (, which provides corporate governance information by country. Also, Transparency International ( provides country-specific metrics on corruption and bribery—activities that could be associated with fraud. Using information from these Web sites, along with other resources, prepare a report that addresses the following issues, as well as others, for your selected country: (1) compare and contrast the corporate governance principles of your selected country with the United States, (2) identify the relevant corporate governance parties and their roles, (3) describe recent challenges related to the corporate governance for your selected country, and (4) list and describe recent corporate governance activities in your selected country.

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