Correct the following sentences and identify why they are incorrect
Correct the following sentences and identify why they are incorrect
1. He statute requires the witnesses to be present when the testator signs the will, and the witnesses must be in the same room with the testator, not in a separate room, and watch the testator sign the will.
2. Mary reached the conclusion that she had made a mistake.
3. A relative pronoun requires a verb which agrees with its antecedent.
4. Either the cousins or Darryl are going to the party.
5. Sara, after giving careful consideration to the mat¬ter, reached the conclusion that she should buy the business.
6. He decided to thoroughly and completely test the theory.
7. Neither the members of the board nor Steve had reached their conclusion.
8. The statute requires stockholder approval for merger but it does not require approval for multiple real estate purchases.
9. The key executives, (president, secretary, and trea¬surer) are required to attend the board meeting.
10. The corporation statute requires: an annual board of directors meeting, an annual shareholder meeting, and the filing of an annual report.
11. Tom and Pam decided there going to buy stock in the corporation.
12. The law requires a partner to "... share partnership profits equally with the other partners...."
13. Joseph and Claire decided they were going too there cabin for two weeks.
14. Fifty five of the partners attended the partnership meeting.
15. The law provides that profits should be shared equally, however, the law allows the partners to provide oth¬erwise in the partnership agreement.
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