Question: Cotillo a power lifter with 10 years experience attempted to

Cotillo, a power lifter with 10 years experience, attempted to lift 530 pounds during an American Powerlifting Association–sponsored meet, organized by Duncan, the faculty sponsor of the local high school’s weightlifting club and Taylor, the APA president. Lifters were allowed to use spotters of their own choice or those provided by the meet. Cotillo used those provided by the meet, who were high school students with weightlifting experience. As Cotillo attempted the lift, Duncan was positioned “in the middle,” and a student was on each side of the bar. Cotillo dropped the weight shattering his jaw and causing other injuries. The spotters were in the proper positions to provide assistance, but they could not do so quickly enough to prevent injury. Cotillo then sued Duncan, the APA, and the APA Board, claiming, among other things, that the spotters were improperly trained. The spotters had received some instruction prior to the meet, but the record was unclear as to whether the training was improper or inadequate.
a. What was Cotillo’s cause of action?
b. Defend Duncan et al.
c. Decide the case. Explain.

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