Question: Craig Holcomb a white male and assistant coach for the

Craig Holcomb, a white male and assistant coach for the Iona College men’s basketball team, married an African- American woman. While the team enjoyed a successful record for several years, its lackluster performance and player misconduct between 2001 and 2004 led to changes in the Iona basketball program including the dismissal of Holcomb and an African-American assistant coach. Another white assistant coach, who was not engaged in an inter-racial relationship, was not fired. Holcomb brought a Title VII claim asserting that he had been discharged because his wife is African American. Holcomb alleged that Iona College’s athletic director had made several racist and derogatory remarks about African Americans on the basketball team and had derided Holcomb’s decision to marry his wife, whom he referred to as “Aunt Jemima.” How would you rule on this case? Explain.

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