Question: Crango Products is a cranberry cooperative that operates two divisions

Crango Products is a cranberry cooperative that operates two divisions: a Harvesting Division and a Processing Division. Currently, all of Harvesting's output is converted into cranberry juice by the Processing Division, and the juice is sold to large beverage companies that produce cranberry juice blends. The Processing Division has a yield of 1,900 litres of juice per 1,000 kilograms of cranberries. Cost and market price data for the two divisions are as follows:
1. Compute Crango's operating income from harvesting 181,440 kilograms of cranberries during June 2013 and processing them into juice.
2. Crango rewards its division managers with a bonus equal to 5% of operating income.
Compute the bonus earned by each division manager in June 2013 for each of the following transfer-pricing methods:
a. 200% of full cost
b. Market price
3. Which transfer-pricing method will each division manager prefer? How might Crango resolve any conflicts that may arise on the issue of transfer pricing?

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