Create a contestant database that includes two tables: the Contestant table to store contestant data, and the Skills table to store the characteristics of effective project managers listed in Figure 12-8. Use the Lookup Wizard to look up values from the Skills table and insert them into the Contestants table to identify each contestant’s primary skill (Primary Skill), secondary skill 1 (SS1), and secondary skill 2 (SS2).
Record the relevant data for the 16 contestants listed below that includes rating scores on three skills: leadership, communication and people. Write a query that identifies the contestant(s) whose primary skill is leadership. Modify the query to identify the contestant(s) whose primary skill is leadership and SS1 is communication. Modify the query to identify the contestants whose thinking skills are rated primary, SS1 or SS2.
Create a calculated field in the query to calculate a weighted “Score” for each contestant wherein leadership is weighted highest, communication is weighted second highest, and people is weighted third highest. Use the following formula to calculate score.When you type the expression in the Field row, be sure to put the field names inside brackets.
Score = ([Leadership]*3) + ([Communication]*2) + ([People]*1)
Based on this weighted score, which candidate should Donald Trump hire to be his next apprentice?

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