Question: Create a Crow s Foot ERD for each of the following

Create a Crow’s Foot ERD for each of the following descriptions. (Note: The word many merely means “more than one” in the database modeling environment.)
a. Each of the MegaCo Corporation’s divisions is composed of many departments. Each of those departments has many employees assigned to it, but each employee works for only one department. Each department is managed by one employee, and each of those managers can manage only one department at a time.
b. During some period of time, a customer can rent many videotapes from the BigVid store. Each of the BigVid’s videotapes can be rented to many customers during that period of time.
c. An airliner can be assigned to fly many flights, but each flight is flown by only one airliner.
d. The KwikTite Corporation operates many factories. Each factory is located in a region. Each region can be “home” to many of KwikTite’s factories. Each factory employs many employees, but each of those employees is employed by only one factory.
e. An employee may have earned many degrees, and each degree may have been earned by many employees.

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