Create a sequence diagram for each of the following scenario descriptions for a health club membership system:
• When members join the health club, they pay a fee for a certain length of time. The club wants to mail out reminder letters to members, asking them to renew their memberships one month before their memberships expire. About half of the members do not renew their memberships. These members are sent follow-up surveys to complete about why they decided not to renew so that the club can learn how to increase retention. If the member did not renew because of cost, a special discount is offered to that customer. Typically, 25% of accounts are reactivated because of this offer.
• Every time a member enters the club, an attendant takes his or her card and scans it to make sure that the person is an active member. If the member is not active, the system presents the amount of money it costs to renew the membership. The customer is given the chance to pay the fee and use the club, and the system makes note of the reactivation of the account so that special attention can be given to this customer when the next round of renewal notices is dispensed.

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