Question: Criminal cases are assigned to judges randomly The list of

Criminal cases are assigned to judges randomly. The list of the criminal judges for Memphis, Tennessee (taken from the Tennessee Court System website,, is given in the table. Assume that only Carolyn Blackett and Paula Skahan are women and the rest are men. If you were a criminal defense attorney in Memphis, you might be interested in whether the judge assigned to your case was a man or a woman.
James C. Beasley
Carolyn W. Blackett
Lee V. Coffee
Chris Craft
John T. Fowlkes
W. Otis Higgs
James M. Lammey
Paula L. Skahan
W. Mark Ward
Suppose the names are put into a pot, and a clerk pulls a name out at random.
a. List the equally likely outcomes that could occur; last names are enough.
b. Suppose the event of interest, event A, is that a judge is a woman. List the outcomes that make up event A.
c. What is the probability that one case will be assigned to a female judge?
d. List the outcomes that are in the complement of event A

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