Curling is a Winter Olympic sport in which people slide a stone along a sheet of ice toward a target area. The game is similar to shuffleboard. Two sweepers with brooms lead the stone along the ice, attempting to influence its path toward the target. According to the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, the average heart rate of a person who sweeps is 185 beats per minute, as compared with 80 beats per minute for an adult at rest. Assume the heart rate for a sweeper follows the normal distribution with a standard deviation of 5 beats per minute.
a. What is the probability that a sweeper’s heart rate is
1. More than 187 beats per minute?
2. Less than 181 beats per minute?
3. Between 180 and 183 beats per minute?
4. Between 188 and 193 beats per minute?
b. Confirm the answers to part a using Excel or PHStat.

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