Custom Cabinetry has one job in process Job 120 as
Custom Cabinetry has one job in process (Job 120) as of June 30; at that time, its job cost sheet reports direct materials of $6,000, direct labor of $2,800, and applied overhead of $2,240. Custom Cabinetry applies overhead at the rate of 80% of direct labor cost. During July, Job 120 is sold (on account) for $22,000, Job 121 is started and completed, and Job 122 is started and still in process at the end of the month. Custom Cabinetry incurs the following costs during July.
1. Prepare journal entries for the following in July.
a. Direct materials used in production.
b. Direct labor used in production.
c. Overhead applied.
d. The sale of Job 120.
e. Cost of goods sold for Job 120.
2. Compute the July 31 balances of the Work in Process Inventory and the Finished Goods Inventory general ledger accounts.
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