Custom Copies Inc prepares and sells course packs which contain compilations
Custom Copies, Inc., prepares and sells course-packs, which contain compilations of readings for college courses. A teacher selects the readings and delivers a syllabus to the copy shop, which obtains the materials from a library, copies them, and binds the copies. Blackwell Publishing, Inc., which owns the copyright to some of the materials, filed a suit, alleging copyright infringement. [Blackwell Publishing, Inc. v. Custom Copies, Inc., 2006 WL 1529503 ( N. D. Fla. 2006)]
(a) Custom Copies argued, in part, that creating and selling did not “distribute” the coursepacks. Does a copy shop violate copyright law if it only copies materials for coursepacks? Does the copying fall under the “fair use” exception? Should the court grant the defendant’s motion? Why or why not?
(b) What is the potential impact if copies of a book or journal are created and sold without the permission of, and the payment of royalties or a fee to, the copy-right owner? Explain.

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