Cyanoacrylates the generic name for several compounds with strong adhesive
Cyanoacrylates, the generic name for several compounds with strong adhesive properties, were invented during WWII during experiments to make a special extra-clear plastic suitable for gun sights. They didn’t work for gun sights, however, because they stuck to everything. They were first commercialized by the Eastman Kodak company in the 1950s and are now sold under the names Super Glue and Krazy® Glue. They are often sold in small quantities, typically 2-oz. tubes. The manufacturers want to ensure that the same quantity of glue goes into each tube so they monitored the process from the past three weeks (when there were no production problems) and calculate the mean and standard deviation weight from 50 tubes. If they use those quantities to calculate future limits for quality control monitoring, are they constructing control or specification limits? Explain.
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