Cycle Business manufactures and sells road and mountain bikes through a network of retail outlets in western Canada. Below is a partial list of expense items incurred in the most recent month (November), when 1,000 bicycles were manufactured, shipped, and sold. There was no beginning or ending work in process or finished goods inventory in November:
1. With respect to the partial list of November expenses, answer the following:
a. Which items represent variable manufacturing costs?
b. Which items represent fixed manufacturing costs?
c. If the bicycle is the cost object, which items from (a) and (b) above are direct costs and which are indirect costs?
d. Which items would be classified as selling expenses?
e. Which items would be classified as administrative expenses?
2. Assume that 1,200 bicycles will be manufactured and sold in December. For the items you classified as manufacturing costs in (1), estimate the cost for December. Assume that there will be no change in unit costs for any direct materials, hourly wages will remain the same, and employee benefits will continue at 20% of wages.

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